Selling your home in a buyer’s market!

Sold in 5 days!


It is worrisome selling your property when it’s a Buyer’s Market. So many questions have sellers wondering.

1. How long will it take to sell?
2. How much will I get for it?
3. Should I do anything to prepare it for the market, because I don’t want to lose any money on it?
4. There are several properties for sale in this area, how do I get mine to stand out?
5. What if it doesn’t sell?
6. Who can I get to help me with this?
7. Where do I begin?


Let’s start with where to begin.

As a seller, it is important to sit down with a Realtor and talk about your concerns. Your realtor is a professional and they are there to help you through this stressful time. They will show you the competition, past sales that are comparable, give you an appraisal of your property and an aggressive marketing strategy. We are finding that it is shifting to more of a buyer’s market and requests for pre-listing Consultations is increasing in today’s market.

What is a Consultation?

A Consultation is where a professional stager goes to the client’s house before it goes on the market and gives the homeowner detailed recommendations on preparing their property. They are methodical on how they go through the property and address each room individually in the same format. Easy for the homeowner to follow, can be overwhelming at times a reminder to the homeowner that their goal is to ‘sell quickly for top dollar’. Buyers are willing to pay more money for a property that is move-in ready.

We realize that the time, money and work involved plays a huge factor in what the homeowner decides to do with the stager’s recommendations. A good stager is there to assist their clients through this process. They will have a pool of painters, movers, storage facilities, contractors, electricians, plumbers, flooring and landscapers to assist their clients through this process if they require. The homeowner decides the scope of work to be done, who does it and how long it will take. If you are selling a car you would have it detailed, the same approach should be taken when selling your home.

The last step in preparing a property is what we refer to as staging. That is where showcasing your home to present it at its very best. Making sure to show the function and focal point of every room is important so you don’t leave potential buyers wondering. It doesn’t matter in what price range a property is in, staging is important and does make a difference.

Think about when you are house hunting, what draws you to a place? Buyers are looking on-line prior to viewing a property, if it meets the location, size and price range, what else do they look for? Would you be more drawn to a home that shows beautifully or one that is full of clutter, outdated? Great photos and great staging draws the potential buyers in. It’s important to think of presenting your property so that it stands out from the others.

Jackie Devonshire Realtor at Oakwyn Reality in Vancouver recently wrote this article: Just sold in 5 days!!

We started with an assertive strategy – knowing the slower market, especially for an older house, we couldn’t watch the market pass us by.

It took a lot of hard work from many sides to get this one ready for market, special shout out to my Dad for cleaning up and freshening up the house. And Cynthia at Upstage Design for doing a fantastic job of making the home feel comfortable and welcoming to all our prospective buyers. It really makes a world of difference to have staging to capture the immediate interest of buyers and make them feel at home.

All that work, coupled with an assertive price and market strategy for the competition already on the market we were able to find the right buyer within the week! Thanks to IC for trusting me with the sale of this long-time family home. I know both sides are very happy with the way this one turned out!! Connect with me if you’d like to talk about your own move in the future!

Great marketing, photos, staging, pricing are all important and necessary in getting your property sold. With your Real-estate professional and professional stager put together a plan to sell your property faster and for more money.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, make sure your property stands out from the others.
Between your Real-estate professional and a professional stager, they can help you meet your goals.

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