Getting Ready to put your house on the market?

Call me. I will help you stage your home so you can move out smoothly and quickly

How it works:

1/ Consultation

After an initial phone conversation, I will come in, look at your home and provide you with recommendations to make sure your house is ready and staged properly for the market. I will be leaving you with a Room Ready Handbook, it will encompass both the inside and outside of your property. This will be yours to keep, it will give you detailed recommendations on preparing your property to sell on the Real Estate Market. The goal is to market your home as to sell quickly and for more money.

2/ Staging Service

Staging is not about decorating your home. Staging is about creating a feeling in each room so prospective buyers can see themselves in the room and understand the purpose of each room.

  • Create a nice neutral ambiance
  • Add accessories to remove personality in each room and accentuate the potential of each room (rental available)
  • Stage the property to look its very best
After you have completed the recommendations from the Room Ready Handbook, you can hire my services to come in and stage your property.

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