The Value of Staging Your Property

Why have your property staged before it goes on the market? Is there value to you the home owner? There is when you work with a Certified Staging Professional such as myself.

I am proud to be a CCSP (Canadian Certified Staging Professional). We operate under a Code of Ethics, I must be insured, I am required to keep my Membership in good standing. The training available to me continues to evolve in today’s market and assists me in adding valuable services to you the Home Owner.

Here is the value I can bring to you.

  1. Keeping in mind that you want the most money from your investment in the fastest time. If you follow my recommendations this will help you reach that goal.
  2. Addressing any issues with your property before it goes on the market gives you and your Realtor a strong negotiating position at the table.
  3. The knowledge and experience you receive from preparing your property for market can be transferred into the purchase of your new home. You will be more organized, making for a smoother move.
  4. We will work within your budget and showcase your property to show buyers the value and potential of your property. Statistics show that 63% of buyer will pay more for a home that is move-in ready.
  5. Your property will stand out from other listings in your area. Making Realtors happy to show your property.
  6. Most buyers, about 93% start their search for a new home on the internet. Having great pictures is important in marketing your home. In today’s market there are many off shore buyers this step helps show value to anyone searching.
  7. We are professional in our approach and respectful to you and your property. My goal is to prepare your property so buyers can see themselves moving in. Those first few seconds are so important, majority of buyers are forming their opinion of your house from that moment they walk in. Let’s work together to make it a positive and profitable one.


                                                                                     I am dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals so that you can move on and they can move in.
                                                                                                                                           Call me at 250 208-2466 or email me.